Volunteering as a Way of Life

Volunteering offers plenty of benefits on personal level and for society as a whole. Volunteers help strengthen local communities and save valuable resources.

On Personal Level

There are plenty of benefits to consider, and one is that volunteers learn a lot about local communities, the government and different agencies, and themselves. They have the opportunity to discover hidden talents and learn new skills and competencies. Volunteers who work for non-profit agencies, associations, and organizations learn more about the operation, functions, and responsibilities of different government agencies and other bodies. They also learn more about local resources and communities and are better prepared to solve community needs and problems. Volunteer work also gives a sense of achievement and motivation because you give your energy, skills, and time freely. In addition to these benefits, there is more – volunteer jobs encourage financial and civic responsibility. You help improve the life of people in local communities and show your support for marginalized and vulnerable groups that need help. You help make a difference by investing in people and especially young people. When it comes to work, this is a great way to boost your career options, and research shows that over 70 percent of businesses are willing to hire candidates who have volunteering experience. The reason is that for many employers, it is a good way to build on and develop essential skills. Finally, this is a great way to meet people from all walks of life and backgrounds. This makes volunteering a good networking opportunity.

Local Communities and Society

As a volunteer, you help improve infrastructure in local communities (i.e. park, beach, and garden cleanups) and support youth by tutoring, mentoring, and participating in after-school programs and courses. Volunteers also help improve schools and support families at eldercare and daycare. This is also a way to save on resources as the money saved can go toward local improvements. Estimates show that volunteer’s work saves about $15 per hour.

Where to volunteer:

Thunder Bay – http://www.thunderbay.ca/Living/Volunteering.htm

Province of Ontario – http://www.ovcn.ca/